Cardamom Cha Candle

Cardamom Cha Candle

Saara & Begum
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A sweet vanilla spice base blended with warm notes of cardamom, our Cardamom Cha candle will wrap you up in your favorite cup of cha any time of the day.

Our candles are hand-poured with all natural soy wax, phthalate free oils, and cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn. Each candle is filled with approximately 10oz of wax and have a burn time of about 50 hours. 

Burn Instructions: 

  • The first time you light the candle, allow it to burn until the liquid wax covers the entire top of the candle. This process insures a clean and efficient burning cycle for the life of the candle. 
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch. If you notice a large flame during burning, blow out the candle & trim the wick before re-lighting.
  • Place burning candle on heat resistant surface. Never move a candle while hot or burning. Blow out the candle if jar becomes excessively hot.
  • Keep out of drafts. Keep out of reach of children.
  • To prevent candles from tunneling down the middle, burn candles at a minimum of at least one hour for each inch in diameter. For example burn a 3 inch diameter candle for a minimum of at least 3 hours each time. Burn long enough to achieve a melt pool that can be seen all the way around the glass.